Humans have lived on Veld for thousands of years. Where did they come from? No one knows, whether they were created by the gods, were brought here by some magical accident, or (most radically) they reached their present level of development after thousands or even millions of years more as a lower animal.

What is certain is that humankind is the dominant species on the planet, at least the dominant intelligent species.

Are there others? When the gods walked the earth, they created great creatures, the dragons in particular, that were said to be intelligent. In the final wars between gods and humankind, the dead walked the earth in the service of the one called the Destroyer. Other beings, both benign and inimical, made their presence known. Intelligent? Quite possibly. Human? Definitely not.

The various tribes of humanity now on earth have little memory of such fantastic beasts. Yes, there are reports that in the highest peaks of the Worldspine, in the distant icy steppes to the north, in the jungles to the south and across the Turquoise Sea, creatures such as dragons still live and thrive. But in the modern capitals and city-states of the Veld, such reports fall on the ears of those who have never seen any fantastic creature. There are threats aplenty provided by fellow humans, neighbors or separate tribes. It’s enough to worry about. The supernatural and the fantastic is the domain of greater men and women.


Let Sleeping Gods Lie Atilmun