The Savage Coast

The Savage Coast consists of independent city-states that subsist on trade and piracy. An ethnic and religious mix of Ambar, Ledini, Volak, Payar, Levenki, Droni, Sinay and others. There are no resources other than fishing and trade, the mountains are full of wild men, but there are reported riches in ancient Havens deep in the unexplored regions of the Worldspine range. Underground religions, either minor homegrown cults or refugees from persecution in the west, find an easy home here.

There are three cities on the coast, very different. The major city, Rialva, is a nest of political intrigue and machinations. The other two….

Outside the cities, the coast consists of hilly scrub- and farmland, although the soil tends toward rocky and sandy, so it will likely never support a larger population center than Rialva, which lies on the coast in the marshy flood plain of the Foaming River.

The major part of the coast stretches approximately 500 kilometers along the western shore of the Turquoise Sea and the Gulf of Berel. Between the sea and the Worldspine range, the habitable portion of the coast is as wide as 100 kilometers in its southern reaches. Near Rialva the mountains are about 60 kilometers away, and farther north the mountains come down to the seaside with dramatic cliffs and gorges.

The Savage Coast

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